Monday, September 21, 2009

The End of Our Resources

This poem was written by my friend Chad Huddleston. What a gift he has. Read slowly and soak it in. Chad wrote this following a conversation he and I had over lunch as we discussed our desire to walk in the way God has prepared before us. He took thoughts from this conversation and the sermon I did the following sunday and wrote this poem. Thank you for the blessing Chad!

The End of Our Resources

The flask, almost empty, sits dusty on a log.
The last gasps of resource are exhausted
soon, and the burning begins. Smoky
wisps from the charred remnants of an hour's
distance chalk the horizon, the memory
of safety disappearing and melting in the gray
approaching clouds.

We have left the known behind,
and what remains
is unfathomed.

Those who lay claim
to bravery
fall quickly in the moon-sown light,

those who are left huddle
in clutches, in brambles,
under the rigid limbs of trees.

What is left for us this night
but to walk by the light
of the lamp at our feet,

this time no pillar of
incandescent fire in the sky,
no struck rock gushing streams,

but an open field,
a path revealed, a voice
behind us wherever we turn,

"Yes, this is the way--
walk in it."