Saturday, February 17, 2007

You've Got Power!

This is for all leaders, husbands and people of influence: You have POWER!
And of the power you possess, none is more dominant than your power to disappoint. Without a word or even a deliberate action, you can bring devastating disappointment. Expectations from others are high. Your next "right move" is more obvious to others that it is to yourself. And yet, you must live in the reality that to not make that expected move will be assumed to be deliberate on your part. A deliberate effort to hurt or ignore or discourage.
Now, there seems to be no way to avoid missing the invisible mark set by others. Your power to disappoint will be wielded without your ability to control it. Thus, you must learn to love, encourage and support others to such a degree that your inevitable disappointment will not overshadow the predominance of your love.
You can't avoid disappointment, but love can cover a multitude of sins.

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